On 22nd July , 2016 General Secretary Sh Manoj Singh met with Honorable Minister of Communication Sh Manoj Sinha ji in Sanchar Bhawan regarding Pay loss to Post 2007 DRs & CPSE Hierarchy. On 26.07.2016 our General Secretary Sh Manoj Singh along with AITEEA CHQ leaders met with Director (HR) & represented our "Pay Loss Issue" strongly. On 03.8.2016 AITEEA writes to Joint Secretary DoT for the approval of Genuine proposal of replacement of intermediate pay scale of E1A & E2A by E2 & E3 respectively. AITEEA proposes an viable altenate to Cascading having least financial & administrative constraint. AITEEA declared to participate in first ever Executive membership verification. Process for the formation of Circle bodies of AITEEA across all over India has commenced with full ethos.


  • Consolidation of All Executive strength under single umbrella i.e. 'AITEEA'.
  • Reestablishing the status & respect of Executives in the company.
  • Redressal & Resolution of All our common HR issues with all round efforts to keep our Beloved Company a Global Leader in Telecom.
  • Taking every avenue in loop for the fastest resolution of our issues resulting in overall growth of our company.
  • Identification & Resolution of our core issues in a most amicable way in coordination with Top Management & even if issue remain unresolved, then relying on legal resorts.


  • Addressing Pay parity to DR JTO/JAO appointed after 01.01.2007 i.e. fixing Rs.22820/- as initial basic from DOA.
  • Replacement of standard pay scale E1A by E2 and E2A by E3 w.e.f. 01.01.2007 along with arrears.
  • CPSE cadre hierarchy in line with that followed for Graduate Engineers in other CPSEs.
  • Superannuation benefit of 30% to all BSNL recruited employee w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC.
  • Conduction of combined/clubbed LDCE exam for all outstanding vacancy years from JTO to SDE cadre if CPSE hierarchy is not implemented in near future. All out efforts to allow all Executives from a particular batch for a particular year of vacancy in LDCE exam irrespective of date of joining/training and PVR related issues.
  • Implementation of existing transfer policy in true spirit with immediate settlement of all pending Rule -8 transfer cases of JTOs.
  • Designation change of JTO as "Assistant Engineer/Assistant Manager" in light of change of TTA designation as Junior Engineer.
  • Changing JTO cadre as All India cadre in light of recent change of TTA cadre from SSA to Circle cadre.
  • Entitlement of residential quarter is to be based on IDA grade only and delinking it from CDA scale. Renaming of residential Staff quarters as Executive quarters/colony for Executives.